• Tuesday December 06,2022
  • 16:08:54
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    Australia exported 27.67 Mt of coal in Nov, rising 3.09% MoM but receding 3.54% YoY, Kpler's cargo-tracking data showed.

  • 14:02:33
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    The China Electricity Council warned coal consumption at the nation's power plants has increased rapidly entering Dec due to increased demand for home heating. Despite at a reasonable level currently, power companies' inventories could soon drop sharply if supplies fall short. It recommended stepping up shipments in cooperation with the transportation sector to ensure stable inventories during peak demand periods.

  • 11:40:23
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    On Dec 2, S Korea's KOSPO issued a tender seeking 160 Kt of seaborne thermal coal for separate delivery in H1 Jan and H1 Feb, 2013. The power producer was also seeking 320 Kt to be delivered before Jan 2025. Cargoes from Russian ports excluded. Bidders need to submit their bids before 1:00p.m. Dec 8. The wanted coal should be guaranteed with CV of 3700-4,999 Kcal/kg NAR, sulfur no higher than 0.4%, Vol between 16-45%, and ash no higher than 10%.

  • 11:33:54
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    Coal India produced 60.7 Mt of coal in Nov, up 12.8% YoY and 14.7% MoM, the company's provisional data showed. The company's dispatches to end users totaled 59.4 Mt last month, up 4.8% YoY and 5.1% MoM.

  • 11:33:34
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    The price cap of $60/barrel by the U.S. and its allies on Russian crude came into force on Dec 5, but Moscow said it will not recognize any "price ceilings".

  • 10:04:43
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    China's onshore and offshore yuan strengthened against the US dollar on Dec 5, rising above the psychological threshold of 7 per dollar for the first time since mid-Sep.

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    Indonesia aims to develop a nuclear power plant by 2039 as part of its net-zero emissions target. The country is currently looking for investors to help finance the plant's construction, Haendra Subekti, the agency's director for nuclear installation and material control, said in a statement.

  • 09:02:53
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    Vietnam produced 4.02 Mt of coal in Oct, rising 5% year on year and 11.5% from Sep, showed data from GSO. In Jan-Oct, Vietnam's coal production totaled 41.68 Mt, ticking down 0.1% from the same period last year.

  • Monday December 05,2022
  • 11:56:01
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    ESDM will allow DMO coal prices to fluctuate based on the market mechanism from early 2023, following the establishment of BLU in Q1.

  • 11:21:59
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    Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) has set the reference coal price (HBA) at $281.48/t for Dec 2022, falling 8.67% or $26.72/t from Nov, sinking to a lowest level in 7 months.

  • 10:13:19
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    Yulin has secured daily production of more than 1.4 Mt since this round of epidemic, the local energy administration introduced on Dec 3.

  • 09:15:32
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    Inventory of five major steel products in China's 21 cities declined 1.6% from ten days ago to 7.39 million tonnes on November 30, according to data from China Iron and Steel Association (CISA).

  • 09:04:16
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    Indian's power producers imported 5.03 Mt of thermal coal in Sep, down 11.47% MoM but still 365.2% higher YoY, data from the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) showed. About 1.70 Mt were directly burned, up 117.09% YoY and 60.96% MoM; 3.33 Mt were blended with domestic coal, down 28.05% MoM but well above 296,900 t in the same period last year.

  • 08:47:47
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    Poland's hard coal production stood at 4.36 Mt in Oct, down 8.1% YoY but up 13.4% MoM, while lignite output reached 4.52 Mt, up 16.7% YoY but down 2.8% MoM, the official statistics showed.

  • Friday December 02,2022
  • 11:08:48
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    India targets to produced 1.5 Bt of coal by 2030 to meet growing domestic demand, Union Parliamentary Affairs, Coal and Mines Minister Prahlad Joshi said at an investor conclave in Mumbai on Dec 1.

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