• Friday May 14,2021
  • 17:28:59
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    Under low operating rate of coal mines and active procurement of downstream users, China domestic coking coal price continued climbing up. Currently, the low-sulfur primary coking coal price at Linfen's Anze area, Shanxi, rose to 2,050 yuan/t on acceptance bill with VAT, jumping 550 yuan/t over the low point after the Spring Festival, according to Sxcoal.

  • 17:17:32
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    With the fall of futures prices affecting market sentiment and procurement rhyme, coke offer prices at port ticked down to different degrees, but coke supply fundamentals maintain tight, according to Sxcoal.

  • 17:14:24
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    India's thermal coal imports rose 27.6% from March to 16.2 million tonnes in April, showed data from CoalMint.

  • 17:12:05
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    Coalmint shipping data showed that India imported 16.2 Mt of thermal coal in April, up 27.6% over 12.7Mt in March.  

  • 11:48:20
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    Indonesian thermal coal prices continued to rise amid strong demand from Chinese utilities. Currently, Indonesian 3,800 Kcal/kg NAR thermal coal was traded at around $55/t FOB on a Supramax basis, while 4,700 Kcal/kg NAR coal was traded at $77-78/t.

  • 11:48:13
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    As of 1130 GMT+8, China's coking coal futures declined 5.91%, rebar down 6.01, coke down 6.49% and thermal coal down 7.98%.

  • 10:39:31
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    China's power consumption in April reached 636.1 TWh, up 13.2% from a year earlier, data from the National Energy Administration showed; from January to April, the country's power consumption rose 19.1% on the year to 2,558.1 TWh.

  • 10:31:51
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    In a video conference on May 13, the NDRC urged local governments to promote the work of cutting carbon emissions in the power, steel, non-ferrous, building materials and chemical sectors, while quitting projects with high energy consumption and high pollution that are not in line with relevant environmental standards and regulations.

  • 10:25:39
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    In response to the suspension of China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue, China's commerce ministry spokesman Gao Feng said China urges Australia to treat China-Australia cooperation objectively and rationally, treat Chinese companies fairly and justly, stop wrongdoings that interfere with economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, and take actions to promote the heathy development of China-Australia relations.

  • 10:23:58
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    China's Anyang Iron and Steel Group has singed a letter of intent with the country's top private steelmaker Jiangsu Shagang Group to conduct a mixed-ownership reform, in a bid to further consolidate the ferrous sector in the world's top steel producer.

  • 10:23:50
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    South Africa's coal output declined 5.8% in March, mainly due to fallen demand from its largest buyer of India that is suffering from the severe outbreak of COVID-19. Its mineral production rose 21.3%, boosted by iron ore, copper and platinum metals.

  • 10:22:15
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    Stockpiles of five major steel products in 20 Chinese cities declined 3% from ten days ago to 12.49 million tonnes on May 10, the fifth straight session of decline, according to China Iron and Steel Association.

  • 08:53:25
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    Indonesia decided to stop building new coal-fired power plants after 2023 to meet its carbon-neutral target, but also noted over 100 plants to be built by then will still be put into operation.

  • Thursday May 13,2021
  • 13:33:56
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    In a State Council meeting on May 12, Premier Li Keqiang asked relevant government departments to effectively respond to the rapid rise in commodity prices and its collateral impacts. He stressed to use monetary and other policies to ensure stability of the economic growth.

  • 13:33:36
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    Chinese coking coal futures closed the morning session on May 13 by falling 3.84%, rebar down 2.39%, coke down 2.87% and thermal coal down 3.65%.

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