• Friday August 19,2022
  • 10:46:47
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    Power load of five regional grid companies of the State Grid and 19 provincial grids kept refreshing highs since this summer, CCTV.com reported.

  • 08:28:34
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    China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd. saw its polyolefin sales fall 3.9% YoY to 58,500 t in Jul, the company said in a report on Aug 18. The Jul figure was 0.7% or 400 t lower than that in Jun.

  • Thursday August 18,2022
  • 15:20:34
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    China exported 230,000 t of coal in Jul, jumping 171.6% YoY but slumping 55.77% MoM, according to data from GAC on Aug 18.Exports of coal in Jul fell notably from Jun, to the 2nd lowest level in the year. Coal export in Mar was only 70,000 t, the lowest in the year and of the same month in the history.

  • 11:38:53
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    As of 11:30 a.m. (GMT+8) Aug 18, Chinese coking coal futures decreased 1.51%, coke decreased 2.32%, thermal coal dropped 0.34%, while iron ore down 2.55%.

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    Mongolia's coal railings came in at 488,300 t in Jul, down 2.08% YoY and 10.04% MoM, showed data from the National Statistical Office of Mongolia.

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    Several counties in coal-rich Shanxi province are expected to experience rainstorms on August 18, with precipitation to reach 100mm in some areas and rains to persist in next 3 hours, which triggered red alert by the provincial meteorological bureau at 09:25 a.m. on the day.

  • 11:13:47
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    The max power load of Central China Grid exceeded 190 GW for the first time this summer, rising 10.6% from the highest level last summer, China News Service learned from the company on Aug 17.

  • 11:10:15
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    Huanghua port in China's Bohai Bay reported coal loading of 129 Mt as of Aug 15, topping all ports for coal handling in China given its unabated efforts to strengthen coal shipment to meet rising electricity demand amid a wide range of schorching weather this summer.

  • 11:07:16
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    China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd. reported a 13.8% YoY rise in commercial coal production to 27.2 Mt in Jul, according to the company's monthly operation report on Aug 17. Yet its coal sales declined 18.9% YoY to 33.5 Mt, with drop narrowing by 3.1 pps from Jun.

  • 11:06:43
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    A coal mine of Jinneng Holding Coal Industry Group got mining license on Aug 4 for its capacity expansion to 600,000 tonner per year following its merger with another mine in end-2020, up from previous 450,000 tonnes per annum.

  • 10:29:08
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    China's central government assigned new coal-fired power projects to provinces rencently, with related investment surging. Five coal-fired power projects kicked off in Guangdong province, which are scheduled to finish construction by end-Sep and start commissioning before end-2024.

  • Wednesday August 17,2022
  • 15:41:15
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    On Aug 17, Chinese thermal coal futures opened the daytime session at 850.8 yuan/t and closed at 858.8 yuan/t, up 0.94% from last session; coking coal opened at 2,200 yuan/t and closed at 2,138 yuan/t, down 1.54%; coke dropped 3.98% to 2,856.5 yuan/t after opening at 3,000 yuan/t.

  • 14:00:12
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    China State Grid Corporation said it will actively strive for emergent electricity support for Sichuan that suffered power shortages and conduct trans-provincial power transmission at full tilt. Currently, all inbound power transmission lines have been operating at full capacity, and it's harder to provide more trans-provincial support.

  • 13:42:22
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    Prices of China's thermal coal, coking coal and 2# anthracite lump fell 1.2%, 1.0% and 0.6% WoW to 910 yuan/t, 1,451 yuan/t and 1,423 yuan/t over Aug 1-7, showed data from Ministry of Commerce.

  • 13:39:46
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    Vietnam's coal imports are predicted to surge alongside rising domestic demand, especially to meet rising coal demand from power sector. Its coal imports may reach 50-83 Mt per year during 2025-35 and then gradually fall to 32-35 Mt by 2045, according to a strategy draft plan of Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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