• Monday December 04,2023
  • 16:25:53
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    Coke producers from some provinces of China have collectively decided to curtail supply to steelmakers resisting the proposed third round of coke price hike, part of their strategic effort to actualize the ongoing price adjustment.

  • 16:21:31
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    Japan will refrain from constructing new coal-fired power plants that do not have greenhouse gas emission reduction measures in place, AP Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said during a COP28 meeting in Dubai on Dec 1.

  • 15:29:06
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    Indonesia and the ADB have agreed a provisional deal with the owners of the Cirebon-1 coal-fired power plant to shutter it almost 7 years earlier than planned, the ADB's senior climate change energy specialist said on Dec 3.

  • 15:27:19
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    Coke companies in Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan and Guizhou proposed to revise up prices of wet- and dry-quenching met coke by 100 yuan/t and 110 yuan/t, respectively, on Dec 5, as the third round.

  • 11:23:36
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    China's top steel hub Tangshan, in Hebei province, has launched level-II emergency response against severe air pollution at 8:00 a.m. on Dec 3, while other eight cities in the province including the capital Shiijiazhuang and major steel-making city Handan adopted the same measure on Dec 2, with the canceling time for further notice.

  • 10:43:12
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    State-owned Coal India Ltd produced 66.0 Mt of coal in Nov 2023, up 8.7% YoY and 8% MoM, while coal sales rose 6.6% YoY and 2.3% MoM to 63.0 Mt, the company said.

  • 10:09:57
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    South Africa's state-owned Transnet plans to introduce an additional 14 trains per week along its primary coal export corridor between Dec and next Mar, effectively doubling its current capacity, media reported. The firm aims to address the ongoing challenges faced by coal exporters in transporting their products to ports for international trade.

  • Friday December 01,2023
  • 13:26:36
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    Chinalco Shandong completed 1st coal imports after 77 Kt of premium Australian thermal coal reached its Shandong-based thermal power plant via its dedicated railway on Nov 22, marking it the first alumina-producing enterprise in N China to use imported coal.

  • 11:47:36
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    Mongolian miner Energy Resources LLC plans to auction totaling 140.8 Kt of #3 washed coking coal for export on Mongolian Stock Exchange over Dec 1-8, significantly higher than 76.8 Kt during the same period in Nov.

  • 08:39:40
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    Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL), operating under the Ministry of Coal of India, has officially launched operations at its cutting-edge Madhuband washing plant with a capacity of 5 Mtpa on Nov 29, 2023, media reported.

  • Thursday November 30,2023
  • 11:25:11
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    The official manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) stood at 49.4 in Nov, dipping 0.1 from 49.5 in Oct, data from the NBS showed on Nov 30. The official non-manufacturing PMI dropped to 50.2 in Nov from 50.6 in Oct, still within the expansion zone.

  • 09:43:35
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    India's coal imports for blending plunged by 46.57% YoY to 13.57 Mt in Apr-Oct 2023 despite domestic escalating power demand, against 25.4 Mt in the same period last year, the ministry of coal said on Nov 29. During this period, domestic coal-based power generation reached 686.7 bln units, an 8.88% rise from 630.7 bln units last year.

  • 09:30:10
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    Turkey imported 3.88 Mt of coal in Oct, up 7.88% YoY and 6.8% MoM, hitting 3-Mth high, the country's trading statistics showed.

  • 08:45:25
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    Japan's top steelmaker Nippon Steel is expected to continue seeking stakes in coking coal and iron ore mines to ensure a stable supply of essential raw materials and mitigate the potential impact of price volatility, the company's executive said.

  • Wednesday November 29,2023
  • 14:14:15
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    The Russian Sibanthracite Group is aiming to boost production to 30 Mt by 2025. This expansion aligns with the company's broader objective of increasing exports, contributing to the ambitious plans of the Russian Federation to establish itself as the primary coal supplier to the entire Asia-Pacific region.

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