China Coal Mine Database Set

Note: all capacity data covered in this database set are based on annual 276 workdays

1. China Coal Mine Basic Information Database

Amid the nationwide campaign to cut excess coal capacity since early 2016, all provinces/municipalities have successively made public the coal mines that are to be closed and the size of capacity to be eliminated. By the end of this September, China has shut down 1,528 coal mines with combined capacity of 255 Mtpa.

Currently, there are altogether 9,104 coal mines across the country, and they possess a total capacity of 5,380 Mtpa. Of that, there are 5,781 operating mines with combined capacity of 3,753 Mtpa, 2,734 under-construction mines with combined capacity of 1,578 Mtpa, and 589 mines owing combined capacity of 49 Mtpa but with production license revoked.

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2. China Coal Quality Database

Our China Coal Quality Database, which covers quality indicators about China's 6,340 coal mines (both operating and under-construction) with combined capacity of 4,840 Mtpa, is able to demonstrate coal quality variation rules of the coal seams in each mining.

This database is achievement of our years' persistent efforts: on one hand, we visit coal mines to obtain first-hand information and gather coal samples for quality test; on the other, we consult with massive mine field geologic reports and other documents to verify the first-hand data and fill up data gaps from time.

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3. China Coal Cost Database

In recent years, coal cost has become top concern for researchers and for coal miners and end users, because deepening mining depth, tougher requirements for environmental protection and longer transport distance have kept pushing up coal cost, while economic slowdown and serious overcapacity has weighed on growth of coal prices.

Fenwei embarked on study of China coal cost as early as in 2010. To date, our exclusive China Coal Cost Database, which covers cost data about 3,065 operating coal mines that are located in 25 provinces, their combined capacity of 3,298 Mtpa holds 87% of China’s total operating capacity, has become an important reference material for both researchers and market participants.

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