Chinese thermal coal participants show bullishness for post-holiday market Price,  Thermal Coal 2020-01-22 11:09:19

Many participants in China's spot thermal coal market showed bullishness towards the trend after the Lunar New Year holi......

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1 China's seaborne thermal coal declines may deepen as miners cut prices in production areas 2020-02-28

Downsides in China's seaborne thermal coal market are likely to deepen as coal miners in northern production bases started lowering prices amid abated demand, indicating the sole support in cost side

2 China Coal Daily Track (Feb 28) 2020-02-28

Thermal coal Production area Coal supply was slowly increasing from coal mines, and sales were generally good. Large miners generally supplied term contract coal, with prices stable, while some

3 Indonesian thermal coal miners trim offer prices to China on waning demand 2020-02-28

Indonesian miners slightly trimmed down their offer prices of thermal coal sold to Chinese buyers in an effort to boost sales to the world's largest coal consumer. The most-traded 3,800 K

4 Chinese portside traders lower thermal coal prices on sagging demand 2020-02-28

Chinese traders reported softening prices of thermal coal at northern transfer ports amid a downbeat outlook for the near term market, with demand yet to see clear improvement from downstream sectors.

5 China Coal Daily Track (Feb 27) 2020-02-27

Thermal coal Production area Capacity utilization at many coal mines hasn't been lifted to full tilt due to quarantine of migrant workers, so supply shortage continued pushing up coal prices. S

6 Asian coronavirus outbreak weighs on Indonesian thermal coal prices 2020-02-27

Indonesian thermal coal prices continued sliding in the Chinese seaborne import market on the third trading day this week, impacted by waning demand elsewhere in Asia due to the spread of the COVID-19

7 Spot thermal coal trades remain dull at N China ports 2020-02-27

Trading activity of spot thermal coal stayed dull at northern China transfer ports in midweek, as coastal utilities put off restocking plans amid uncertainties arising from the fact that industrial fa

8 China's coal supply resumption accelerates this week 2020-02-27

China's coal supply has been rapidly recovered this week with signals shown at links of the supply chain. At production areas, the official data showed over 76% of production capac

9 Is China still in coal shortfall despite jumping resumption figures? 2020-02-27

Chinese coal miners in some production hubs kept hiking prices after they restored operations, raising doubts whether China is still subject to coal supply woes despite jumping resumption figures late

10 China spot thermal coal market hit by weak buying interest 2020-02-27

Spot thermal coal market at northern China ports was weighed down by a lack of buying interest from power producers, who continued pressing down prices in anticipation of growing supply from productio

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Chinese spot thermal coal outlook dimmed given accelerating mining activities at major production bases, although current supply-demand balance hasn't caused a clear fallback. According t

2 Import thermal coal prices drift lower amid poor demand 2020-02-26

Prices of overseas thermal coal continued to fall in the Chinese seaborne import market on the second trading day this week, as demand remained weak despite resumption of industrial activity.

3 Downward trend shows up in Chinese import thermal coal market 2020-02-24

A sign of downward trend has been seen in the Chinese seaborne import thermal coal market with a pale end to the last week, possibly linked to the pickup in supply of domestic mines that weakened Chin

4 China coking coal may lose steam; Mongolia to delay borders reopening 2020-02-27

China's coking coal market may lose strength for continuous price rises in the near future, amid rapid supply recovery at main production areas, as most miners ramped up output to embrace an expected

5 Asian coronavirus outbreak weighs on Indonesian thermal coal prices 2020-02-27

Indonesian thermal coal prices continued sliding in the Chinese seaborne import market on the third trading day this week, impacted by waning demand elsewhere in Asia due to the spread of the COVID-19

6 Russia Jan coal exports down to 4-yr low, preliminary data 2020-02-24

Russia saw its coal exports decline for three consecutive months to 12.59 million tonnes in January, hitting a new low since February 2016, preliminary data showed. The expo

7 China major coal firms restore 95% production capacity 2020-02-24

Coal companies controlled by the Chinese central government had put more than 95% of their capacity back into operation as of February 22, an official with the National Energy Administration said, in

8 China's thermal coal may head for a quiet week at Bohai-rim ports 2020-02-26

Market participants generally expected a quiet week in China's spot thermal coal in the wake of a sluggish start at the Bohai-rim ports, though thinking a rapid retreat will not occur supported by cos

9 Chinese thermal coal traders quicken selling activity on bearishness 2020-02-25

Thermal coal traders moved to quicken selling activity at northern China ports, driven by growing market bearishness alongside flagging downstream demand and easing supply woes. This week

10 Weak demand drives down Indonesian thermal coal prices 2020-02-25

Indonesian thermal coal opened this week with a clear price decline in the Chinese seaborne import market, as demand from utilities was dampened by their high inventories and steady supply from domest

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