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Allegiance Coal to broaden coal business in Canada and US

2019-08-16 17:05:15 Company,  International,  Coking Coal

Australia's energy giant Allegiance Coal has been longing to broaden metallurgical coal business in Canada and the US. ...

China Coal Daily Track (Aug 16)

2019-08-16 16:56:18 Price,  Thermal Coal,  Coking Coal

Thermal coal Production area About 15 miners adjusted down their prices this week in Shaanxi's Yulin, mainly by 10-20 yuan...

China coking coal market stabilizes; Mongolian supply picks up

2019-08-16 10:59:19 Price,  Coking Coal

Coking coal market generally stabilized in Chinese main production areas recently. Prices of low-sulfur primary coking coal continued...

Shanxi coking coal prices stable; Australian coal stays 3-day flat

2019-08-15 11:47:00 Price,  Coking Coal

Coking coal prices generally stabilized in coal-rich Shanxi province on August 14. Many local miners turned cautious and pulled back ...

China Coal Daily Track (Aug 14)

2019-08-14 16:32:49 Price,  Thermal Coal,  Coking Coal

Thermal coal Production area Some miners lowered coal prices by 10-20 yuan/t in Shaanxi's Yulin to accelerate sales. In Inn...

Coking coal production resumes in Shandong; demand dull for Australian cargoes

2019-08-14 11:50:24 Price,  Coking Coal

Coking coal production gradually started recovering in eastern China's Shandong province on August 13, after a three-day complete sus...

Shandong coking coal mines halt production; Mongolia truck freights rise

2019-08-13 10:58:10 Price,  Coking Coal

Coking coal production was disrupted in eastern China's Shandong province since all local coal mines were required to stop production...

Weekly China coking coal market analysis and forecast

2019-08-13 08:28:00 Price,  Coking Coal

China's coking coal market continued diverging at main production areas during the past week. With quick sales and low inventory, pri...

China Coal Daily Track (Aug 12)

2019-08-12 17:05:49 Viewpoint,  Thermal Coal,  Coking Coal

Thermal coal Production area Coal sales remained under pressures in Shaanxi's Yulin as some chemical and cement plants in H...

China coking coal firmer; import market stays weak

2019-08-12 10:56:27 Price,  Coking Coal

Prices of primary coking coal kept climbing up in Chinese main production areas amid buoyant demand from coke producers and tight sup...

China coking coal prices diverging; import market sapped

2019-08-09 10:50:51 Price,  Coking Coal

Prices of different coking coal grades kept diverging in China's main production areas on August 8. Low- and high-sulfur primary coki...

Australian coking coal sees more price advantage in China

2019-08-08 18:07:30 Price,  Coking Coal

With the rising of domestic coking coal prices, Australian coking coal is ganing more preference from Chinese buyers with its increas...

Raw material price plunge puts Asian buyers hesitant for slab talks

2019-08-08 11:32:56 Price,  International,  Coking Coal,  Iron Ore

Asian buyers of steel slab, a kind of semi-finished steel for making plates and coils, are generally in wait-and-see stance after pri...

China coking coal prices mixed; import market further tumbles

2019-08-08 10:55:17 Price,  Ports,  Coking Coal

Prices were mixed in Chinese main coking coal production areas on August 7, with that of premium coking coal holding stable amid stea...

China coking coal slightly softens; import market faces headwinds

2019-08-07 11:39:01 Price,  Coking Coal

Coking coal market slightly softened in Chinese main production areas on August 6. Prices of primary coking coal and fat coal remaine...

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Editors Recommendations

1 Weekly global coal market news summary (Aug 12-Aug 16) 2019-08-18

India's Jun coal import rises 29% to 24 mln T India's coal imports increased by 28.7% to 24.14 million tonnes in June on the back of softening of non-coking coal prices in the international m

2 Chinese thermal coal prices expected to stabilize and rebound 2019-08-16

In the past two weeks, Chinese thermal coal prices continued to fall at northern transfer ports. When players are worrying the market will move down further, the prices have finally stabilized.

3 China Coal Daily Track (Aug 16) 2019-08-16

Thermal coal Production area About 15 miners adjusted down their prices this week in Shaanxi's Yulin, mainly by 10-20 yuan/t. One miner even slashed its prices by 60 yuan/t. Demand from do

4 Chinese thermal coal market begins stabilizing; traders hold up sales 2019-08-16

Chinese domestic spot thermal coal market started stabilizing from half-a-month falling. Most traders expected the market to pick up soon and many of them held up sales for better prices.

5 Indonesian, Australian coal remain directionless in China seaborne market 2019-08-16

Trends of Indonesian and Australian thermal coal remained murky in the largest import market of China, and prices of major grades haven't found strong support as tepid buying and high stockpiles from

6 China thermal coal market shows signs of stabilizing after declines 2019-08-16

Thermal coal market seemed showing signs of stabilizing at northern Chinese ports these days in the wake of fortnight declines, mainly backed by increased inquiries and improved sentiment.

7 Coal may be dying, but growth in the seaborne market says not yet: Russell 2019-08-16

The prevailing market view on coal is that the industry is now facing terminal decline, as renewables and natural gas displace the polluting fuel. The problem is the facts don't quite fit the narrativ

8 Shanxi's de-capacity campaign will have limited effect on coke supply, insiders 2019-08-15

Shanxi aims to cut coke production capacity by about 40 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) in 2019-20, to control its total coke capacity within 147.68 Mtpa, according to a document issued by the prov

9 Chinese steel production curbed, backing prices 2019-08-15

Steel production has been constrained in China, partly as environmental departments asked mills to trim output to improve air quality and partly as some mills voluntarily produced less to uphold price

10 China Coal Daily Track (Aug 15) 2019-08-15

Thermal coal Production area Coal sales remained dull in Shaanxi's Yulin even after several rounds of price declines. Miners were poised for further price cuts to whet buying interest.

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1 Allegiance Coal to broaden coal business in Canada and US 2019-08-16

Australia's energy giant Allegiance Coal has been longing to broaden metallurgical coal business in Canada and the US. The company has been going on with a project in Telkwa, Brit

2 Russian Mechel signs annual coking coal supply contracts with Chinese steel majors 2019-08-12

Mechel, one of the leading Russian mining and metals companies, signed annual contracts for coking coal supplies with two Chinese steel giants, the company said on its website. The supply

3 Shandong: Almost all coal mines halt operation for typhoon Lekima 2019-08-12

Most coal mines suspended mining operations on August 11 in eastern China's Shandong province to ensure safety during the transit of typhoon Lekima to the province, said the provincial coal mine safet

4 CHN Energy ranks first among top 50 Chinese coal producers 2019-08-13

State-owned China Energy Investment Corporation (CHN Energy) ranked first among top 50 coal producers in China based on output in 2018, and the energy giant saw coal output reach 524.13 million tonnes

5 China to strengthen safety checks at coal mines 2019-08-13

China is about to launch a series of safety checks at coal mines over late-August to the end of September, in a bid to snuff out any production loopholes and prevent calamities, National Coal Mine Saf

6 China Jul raw coal output down 3.34% MoM, NBS 2019-08-14

China's raw coal production fell in July from an over 3-year high of 333.35 million tonnes a month earlier, data showed from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on August 14. Even tho

7 Australian Pacific Coal mulls options after regulator bars mine extension 2019-08-13

Australian Pacific Coal said on August 13 it was considering its options after a state regulator refused to extend the life of a mothballed coal mine, partly due to a lack of information around the pr

8 Shaanxi registers highest natural gas output among Chinese provinces 2019-08-15

Northwestern China's Shaanxi province churned out 24.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the first half of the year, ranking first among main production bases, showed official data.

9 Ganqimaodou Jul coal imports up 4.62% MoM 2019-08-16

Ganqimaodou, an inland hub for China-Mongolia coal transportation, saw a month-on-month growth of 4.62% in coal imports in July, statistics data showed. It imported 1.73 million tonnes of

10 China Shenhua expects H1 net profit to grow 5% on yr 2019-08-12

China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd., a listed arm of China Energy Investment Corp., expected to see its net profit attributable to shareholders grow 5% from a year ago to 24.2 billion yuan ($3.43 billion)

Most Read Analysis & Comments

1 China Jul coal imports at 2nd highest this yr; tighter curbs expected 2019-08-09

China's coal imports reached a six-month peak of 32.89 million tonnes in July, only second to 33.5 million tonnes in January this year when large volumes of the fuel cleared customs following newly re

2 Chinese ports tighten coal import control for non-local buyers, sources 2019-08-08

Some southern China ports have halt customs clearance for non-local coal importers, sources said, possibly as they don't have enough quotas for the rest months this year. Customs authorit

3 Indonesian thermal coal prices may hit bottom, traders 2019-08-07

Indonesian thermal coal prices may have already touched the lowest level following a spate of decreases since early July, traders suspected, as miners seemed to have no leeway to compromise.

4 Indonesian thermal coal prices further soften amid waning demand 2019-08-09

Indonesian thermal coal prices further weakened in China's seaborne import market, where traders and utilities showed poor buying appetite due to volatile Chinese yuan and customs restrictions.

5 China spot thermal coal outlook dims on worries of waning buying 2019-08-05

The short-term outlook continued to deteriorate for China's spot thermal coal market, as participants generally worried the summer demand peak could come to an end alongside onset of autumn this week.

6 China spot thermal coal extends downside; negative factors to further bite 2019-08-06

Spot thermal coal market has been on a downward trajectory at northern China ports since late last week, with prices of most-active 5,500 Kcal/kg and 5,000 Kcal/kg NAR grades further diving down to er

7 Weekly China thermal coal market analysis and forecast 2019-08-06

Spot thermal coal prices were divided at northern China ports last week, with low- and mid-CV coals trending up further amid tight supply while high-CV grades heading lower because of poor demand. The

8 Typhoon and rainstorms affect thermal coal handling at N China ports 2019-08-13

Thermal coal loadings have been affected greatly at northern China ports since last weekend, disrupted by Typhoon Lekima and consequent torrential rains. Both inbound rail deliveries and

9 China's import thermal coal market set for a new week of downside 2019-08-13

China's seaborne import thermal coal market is set for a new week of declines, as power producers' buying appetite seemed to be subduing amid high inventory and low consumption, in addition to import

10 Indonesian low-CV coal falls below $40 CFR China 2019-08-12

CFR price of Indonesian 3,800 Kcal/kg NAR coal, the most favored grade for Chinese utilities, has dropped below the $40/t threshold late last week following seven sessions of declines. On

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