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Dear Friends,

The 6th Global Thermal Coal Resource & Market Summit will come again on 14-15 November, 2018 in Beijing.

Key topics to be addressed during the Summit:

◆  Analysis of China's economic policy and trend in 2019
◆  Supply-side reform policy trend and coal market outlook
◆  Current situation of Chinese thermal power industry and demand of power coal
◆  China thermal coal miners' supply status under de-capacity policy
◆  New highlights for China thermal coal demand
◆  2019 thermal coal prices forecast
◆  Competitiveness comparison between Chinese and overseas thermal coal
◆  A discussion on CCI index system and its application
◆  Haulage policy and its effect on supply & demand of coal
◆  Big Data Application in Coal Industry and Prospect

This Summit will invite macro economy specialists, representatives from coal production and consumption enterprises, ports and logistics experts, and traders to deeply address the above topics. It also offers a unique opportunity for participants to discuss the current and future trends, as well as to gain new connections, new ideas and new business opportunities.

We look forward to meeting you at the Summit.

Yours Faithfully,

Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.


DAY ONE - 14 November 2018

09:00--22:00Registration at 1st floor, Hall of Millennium Hotel, Beijing Concurrent Forum: Thermal Coal Production, Financing and Industry Development Forum

15:00--15:30Topic: Analysis on Operation of Coastal Thermal Coal Spot MarketSpeaker: Wang Yun, coastal coal market analyst

15:30--16:00Topic: Analysis of thermal coal output, sales and stock in main production areas 2018Speaker: Chen TianYu, manager, Thermal Coal Division of Price Center, Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.

16:00--16:30Topic: Case Study on Both Futures and Spot Markets of Thermal Coal among Upstream and Downstream EnterprisesSpeaker: Guo Yuxin, general manager, Inner Mongolia Shidai Tongyuan Energy Co., Ltd.

16:30--17:00Topic: Thermal Coal Trading Strategies and Investment OpportunitiesSpeaker: Zhang Jing, SPIC Xianrong Futures Co., Ltd.


18:00--20:00Welcoming Banquet (Sponsorship welcoming)

DAY TWO - 15 November 2018

09:00--09:10Place: Chaoyang South Hall on 2nd floor, Millennium Hotel, Beijing Opening RemarkSESSION 1 MACRO ECONONMY AND INDUSTRY OUTLOOKModerator: Luo An, general manager, Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.

09:10--09:50Topic: Outlook of China's Macro Economy in 2019
• Analysis on global and China's macro economy in 2018
• The impact of trade war on China's economy
• Outlook of China's economic development in 2019
Speaker: Fan Jianping, chief economist and director, Economic Forecasting Department of State Information Center

09:50--10:20Topic: China Coal Industry Operation in 2018 & Outlook for 2019
• Main features of coal industry operation in 2018
• Implementation and expectation of de-capacity policy
• Outlook of supply and demand status of coal market in 2019
Speaker: Zhang Hong, deputy secretary general, China National Coal Association & Director General of China Coal Economic Research Association

10:20--10:40Tea Break

10:40--11:20Topic: Analysis on Operation of China's Power Industry in 2018 & Outlook for 2019
• Analysis on installed capacity and power generation of China's power industry
• Power supply and demand analysis and outlook for 2019
• Supply-side structural reform of power industry
• Marketization reform and development trend of power industry
Speaker: Xue Jing, vice director, Industry Development, Environment and Resources Department of China Electricity Council

11:20--12:00Topic: Domestic Coal Transportation Status and Capacity Forecast
• Interpretations on coal transportation policies adjustment
• Introduction of coal logistics and transport costs
• Menghua railway and its impact on coal transport pattern
• Future trend of coal logistic industry
Speaker: Li Hua, director, China Railway Economic and Planning Research Institute

12:00--13:30Buffet LunchSESSION 2 INTERNATIONAL THERMAL COAL MARKETModerator: Eric Zeng, deputy general manager, Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.

13:30--14:00Topic: 2018 International Thermal Coal Market Status Quo and 2019 Forecast
• International thermal coal market trend
• Impact of trader war on Chinese coal market
• Indian coal market supply and demand
• Indonesian coal market supply, demand and govt policy
• Russian coal market strategy
Speaker: Michelle Leung, coal analyst, Asia Pacific, Bloomberg Industry Research

14:00--14:30Topic: Volatility and Risk Management's Role in the Marketplace
• Description of the International Seaborne Market - General Flows in Asia
• Pricing Model for Global Thermal Coal trading and Index applications
—Illustration of Price Volatility in China
—Illustration of Price Volatility in the International Seaborne Market
• Hedging Background and Information:
—Use of Financial Products
—Hedging Basics and Review of the Forward Curve
—Hedging from a Buyer's Perspective
—Outcomes by using Hedging in the Portfolio
• Importance of Hedging - Why would Participants Consider Hedging?
• Conclusions
Speaker: Patrick Markey, managing director, Sierra Vista Resources Pte. Ltd.SESSION 3 CCI INDEX APPLICATION AND DEVELOPMENT

14:30--15:00Methodology of CCI Index and Status Quo of Industry Application
• The role of CCI Index in 2018 spot coal trade
• Coal pricing system in China
• Index pricing and trade promotion
• Constant improvement of CCI organization system
Speaker: Eric Zeng, deputy general manager, Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.

15:00--15:30Topic: Big Data Application in Coal Industry and Prospect
• Industry data exploration and checking
• AI-aided price forecast model
• All Factor Intelligent Coal Blending System
• Outlook of coal industry big data
Speaker: Luo An, general manager, Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.SESSION 4 DOMESTIC COAL SUPPLY AND DEMAND FORECAST

15:30--16:00Topic: Thermal Coal Purchase by Power Enterprises and Their Business Modes ChangeSpeaker: Zhou Kun, vice director of Resource Purchase Department of Zhejiang Zheneng Fuxing Fuel Co., Ltd

16:00--16:40Topic: 2018 Thermal Coal Supply-Demand Analysis and 2019 Forecast
• Interpretation and trend of policies
• Analysis and forecast of supply & demand
• Analysis and forecast of imports and exports
• Analysis and forecast of prices
Speaker: Sarah Liu, vice president, Fenwei Energy Information Services Co., Ltd.


16:50--17:30Topic: Thermal Coal Market Status Quo and Outlook

18:00--20:00Buffet Dinner


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