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China Coal Monthly Supply-Demand
by Province & Industry Database

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China Coal Effective Supply by Coal Type & Province Database China Coal Demand by Province & Industry Database China Coal Supply-Demand Balance Database

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China Coal Effective Supply by Coal Type & Province Database

In this database, based on China raw coal output by coal type and province, we divide the effective coal supply into three groups, i.e., “washed coking coal supply” based on washed coal yield; “thermal coal supply” that includes unwashed coking coal, washed mixed, middling and slack coal; as well as a separate “lump anthracite supply”.

China Coal Demand by Province & Industry Database

This database summarizes China actual coal consumption by month in such major industries as electric power, metallurgy, chemistry and building materials.

China Coal Supply-Demand Balance Database

This database involves both historical and current data that are about China actual coal consumption, supply (incl. imports) and stock. We can sum up coal market development rules through analysis of these data. And they are enough for making coal market predictions. In case the price statistics were covered, this database would show the relation among price fluctuations, supply-demand pattern and stock; on this basis, we can gain an insight into the market variation trend.

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