• Thursday September 28,2023
  • 17:18:20
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    NW China's Qinghai province generated 66.98 TWh of electricity from Jan to Aug, falling 1.7% YoY, according to data released by local energy bureau. Hydropower output declined 15.6% YoY to 25.73 TWh, thermal power rose 13.1% YoY to 10.47 TWh, solar power was up 11% YoY to 19.25 TWh and wind power increased 4.4% YoY to 11.53 TWh.

  • 10:46:34
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    Shanxi reiterated its determination to realize annual coal production growth in 2023 at least of 5% to reach 1,365 Mt on Sep 26, at a press conference interpreting the province's latest measures to steadily promote economy recovery and improvement.

  • Wednesday September 27,2023
  • 17:18:40
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    Poland's hard coal production was 3.86 Mt in Aug, rising 0.2% YoY and 7.1% MoM, official statistics showed. Lignite production reached 3.15 Mt in the month, down 35.7% YoY but up 2.5% MoM.

  • 15:35:42
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    The US produced 52.46 mln short tons (47.59 Mt) of coal in Aug of 2023, down 2.14% YoY but up 6.9% MoM, the U.S. EIA said in its Monthly Energy Review on Sep 26.

  • 13:50:52
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    China's coal mining and washing industry earned a total profit of 523.69 billion yuan (around $72.23 million) in Jan-Aug, falling 26.3% YoY, according to data from NBS. The total revenue of the coal mining and washing industry stood at 2,293.73 billion yuan during the period, down 13.9%, while costs were registered at 1,465.37 billion yuan, 7.5% lower YoY.

  • 11:42:41
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    Thailand's thermal coal (including bituminous and sub-bituminous coal) imports in Aug reached 1.94 Mt, down 9.88% YoY but jumping 102.6% MoM, the highest level in seven months, customs data showed.

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    On Sep 26, for the first time this year, all 34 units of the Three Gorges Dam were put into operation, generating a total of 22.5 GW of electricity. This power generation is crucial to the power supply for the Asian Games being held in Hangzhou.

  • 10:08:12
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    On Sep 26, the Baltic Dry Index increased to its highest level in over 9 months, steered by strong gains in Capesize index. The BDI index rose 80 points, or 4.96%, to 1,694 points, the highest since late Dec.

  • 09:54:17
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    Eastern China's Anhui province registered a yearly uptick of 0.5% in power consumption to 33.11 TWh in Aug, showed data from Anhui Energy Bureau. During Jan-Aug, the province used 213.25 TWh of electricity, up 5.1% YoY.

  • Tuesday September 26,2023
  • 17:41:44
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    Canada exported 2.48 Mt of coal in Jul, down 10.71% YoY and 29.10% MoM, which were valued at $636 mln, falling 46.15% YoY and 37.81% MoM, according to Statistics Canada.

  • 11:44:59
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    Global crude steel production rose 2.2% YoY to 153 Mt in Aug, showed data from the World Steel Association. In Jan-Aug, the output worldwide witnessed a marginal y-o-y rise of 0.2% to 1.26 Mt.

  • 11:13:46
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    Inventory of five major steel products in China's 21 cities fell 2.7% from ten days ago but rose 6.8% from a year earlier to 9.31 Mt in mid-Sep (Sep 11-20), according to data from CISA.

  • 09:19:50
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    Japan produced 7.15 Mt of crude steel in Aug, falling 3.2% MoM and 2.9% YoY, according to data released by the Japan Iron and Steel Federation.

  • Monday September 25,2023
  • 17:41:37
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    Germany imported 1.72 Mt of hard coal in Jul, falling 6.66% MoM and 36.48% YoY, posting the fourth straight month of decrease, according to preliminary data from German Statistics Bureau.

  • 10:04:51
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    Qinhuangdao's coal stocks stood at 5.60 Mt on Sep 22, climbing 9.80% WoW and 11.11% MoM, Sxcoal's data showed. It was 14.29% higher than the year-ago level. It continued to accumulate, partly as offtakes dropped significantly amid weaker demand for power generation.

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